An exhibition by Tina Astrup

Officinet Bredgade 66 Copenhagen K
October 12 to 28 2018 12pm - 16pm Monday closed

New works by designer Tina Astrup put oak at the centre of playful experimentation. In Officinet, she presents golden, bluish-black and dark-brown tones, teased out of the wood using metal thread and time as her tools. Colour mixes with a variety of compositions tell a poetic visual story.

Large, triangular wooden blocks are lined up on the floor – all of them raw, with an open, porous wood structure; some even bear cracks from hasty indoor drying. Tina Astrup has carefully taken them in hand to underline their tactile qualities: one side is smoothly planed almost to a gloss, while another remains rough and dark-brown from its time in the forest. The blocks have similar dimensions to those of seats, but they are free-standing sculptures.

By wrapping metal thread around the wood and pouring vinegar over it, Tina Astrup draws either fuzzy or crisp lines in the wood, using a chemical reaction. In some works, the colour covers the entire surface; with these variations, she creates compositions in a play between large and small – and dark and light.

The colour stems from the wood itself, as if it held a hidden chamber of ink, teased out by the metal. How much the wood blackens depends on several factors, including how tightly the metal fits around the wood, and how long the wood is exposed to the vinegar. These choices do not always produce predictable results, and it is precisely this interplay with chance that piques Tina Astrup’s curiosity.

About Tina Astrup

Tina Astrup holds a BA degree in textile design, and gained an MA in furniture, space and object design from the Danish School of Design in 2007. Her designs are process-oriented and experimental, with a strong interest in pattern, tactility and visual stories.

In her 2010 line of furniture, made from discarded transportation plywood, the decoration of the furniture was determined by the the journey of the wood across the globe, from dock to dock. Through the industrial blue-stamp lettering, the furniture revealed its travel history. The traces in the new works similarly convey stories of journeys and meetings.

Furniture 2010

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